About ❓

Computer or product engineers design, test, implement and maintain computer software and hardware systems. There are various different engineering positions open to grads - frontend engineer, backend engineer etc. 

There are also various different programming languages that tech companies have built their products on such as ruby, java, C & python.  

As an entry level engineer your job could vary between debugging issues for customers as a customer support engineer, building new features and products and a product engineer or a bit of both. 

Qualifications Needed 🎓

Most positions in this field will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Some computer engineers also major in mathematics, software engineering or electrical engineering. 

A common trend for engineers is also to come through bootcamps and online courses such as Lambda School & Launch School for example. 

The most common college course include:

  • Bachelor in Computer Science 

  • Bachelor of Engineering 

  • Masters in Computer Science/Engineering

  • No Degree at all

Skills Needed 🔨

Computer engineers need several soft and hard skills to help them do their job well.

  • Programming and coding: Computer engineers need to code in multiple languages, such as JavaScript, SQL, Python, C++ and HTML. Although it is not necessary to know all of them, most engineers are fluent in one or two, especially those that are similar to one another.

  • Analytical: A computer engineer’s job entails identifying a problem, developing a solution, implementing the solution and troubleshooting the result. This requires a detail-oriented and meticulous analysis of each task they complete.

  • Time management: Computer engineers often juggle several projects or multiple aspects of one large project. An engineer should be able to prioritize tasks, make and adhere to deadlines and create timelines for work completion.

  • Communication: Computer engineers work with clients, managers, teammates, marketing departments and technicians. Clear and open communication will ensure the engineer understands the client’s expectations and that the client understands the engineer’s plan. A mutual understanding of expectations will ease a project to a satisfactory conclusion. Computer engineers should also be able to use nontechnical terms when communicating with those unfamiliar with the industry.

  • Teamwork: Computer engineers collaborate on teams with designers, testers, systems experts, security experts, researchers, salespeople and marketing employees who work together to launch a product. Software engineers must be able to delegate, accept responsibilities and share ideas with all team members. 

  • Source: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/careers/what-does-a-computer-engineer-do

Salary Expectations 💰

Engineers are highly sought after in technology companies and hence get paid higher than any other entry position.

  • Salary: €45,000-€60,000

Working Hours ⏰

Working hours will vary, you will more than likely work a standard 9-5pm except for time where you may be on call out of hours e.g. on the weekend. They is also the ability to work from home (WFH) as an engineer. 

Career Prospects 📈

There are many options available to people who join as an entry level engineer. There will be levels of engineer in most companies i.e. level 1, 2, 3. Then you will progress to a senior engineer and manager after that if you want to move into management. Some engineers like to remain an individual contributor rather than move into a management role. 

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