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Entry level positions in marketing are hard to come by and it often requires some time working in a small agency before applying for a well know tech firm.

There are multiple domains of marketing but most common are content marketing and demand generation. Content marketers rely on blog posts, videos & podcasts to spread brand awareness and thought leadership. On the other hand, demand gen is more scientific relying on search engines optimisation & social media marketing to drive more sales leads. 

Qualifications Needed 🎓

Working in marketing will require a marketing degree be that a bachelors or both bachelors and masters.

The most common college course include:

  • Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)

  • Bachelor of Science (Marketing) 

  • Masters in Digital Marketing

Skills Needed 🔨

Working in marketing requires a wide range of skills including being heavily metrics driven as your performance will be down to how many leads you generate for a company.

  • Strong communication skills

  • Organisation and time management 

  • Collaborative and coachable 

  • Highly motivated and self-driven 

Responsibilities 🙌

Marketing is the voice of the company/brand and therefore needs to work with every stakeholder in a business to ensure everyone is conveying the same message externally. 

  • Work closely with sales to define a go to market strategy 

  • Work with ops to make sure the marketing machine is working correctly 

  • Work with product to get the correct tools in place i.e. Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot etc. 

Salary Expectations 💰

Marketing salaries will vary based on prior experience, below our guesstimates as an entry level marketer. 

  • Salary: €40,000-€50,000

Working Hours ⏰

Working hours will be standard 9-5, 9-6pm. 

Career Prospects 📈

There are many options available to people who join a company's marketing department. If you stay in marketing the career progression is as follows - senior IC and then a manager, senior manager, director, VP & finally CMO. 

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